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5 Reasons Busy Entrepreneurs Should Do Yoga

Without the proper state of mind, it is near to impossible to be a captivating leader. Entrepreneurship is all about leading a idea or plan in a projected thought and practice into the real world to create a service and work towards success. But in the same phase, the busy life of being an entrepreneur leaves an individual away from mandatory activities like exercising and health care of self. This is why Yoga is the best activity one can engage into at a regular basis which not only focus on good health or healthy body functioning but also leads to inner peace and happiness where this energy helps to optimistic decisions and determination.

Soul Yoga Entrepreneurs Session

Yoga is physical and philosophical workout this is why many of the health centre or the gymnasium also include an option for Yoga or Meditation for people who don’t drive themselves into tough body workout or focusing on a healthy diet on a regular basis. This is the reason business and entrepreneur world people have the better opportunity to opt for Yoga for a physical and mental in their hectic schedule. Some successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Evan Williams(Twitter CEO), Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn CEO), Russell Simmons (co-founder of Def Jam Records), Oprah Winfrey and counting are the Yoga persons and address it for the best entrepreneurial spirit which improves the quality and art of living and decision making. According to them, Yoga helps you to focus more on achieving peace of mind rather than trying to push yourself to develop a new mindset.

Here are the few key-points why every busy entrepreneur should practice Yoga:


    In business, the balance between growth and profit is very important in the most efficient and cost optimized way. Yoga thus creates balance not only physically but also within ourselves. This early science workout is appreciated globally for its effectiveness mostly for the perfect work life balance in physical as well as mental health benefits without investing much time in the practice. We learn to retaliate to all opposing forces in any scenario. So entrepreneur don’t have to invest much time as it releases a sense of responsibility to practice daily with its energy for perseverance in the work for a successful business. As there is no fixed scheduling of work hours in the business, so yoga helps to manages time in the professional as well as personal aspects.


    Detachment does not mean you should own nothing but it means nothing should own you. The path of detachment can be categorised into two stages, The human Experience and Awareness of your true self (spiritual Identity). For running a successful business, one must be able to adapt with the changing circumstances and able to decide when to hold or let go. Yoga also deals with the principle of detachment teaches you to always put your best effort in the business but don’t get attached to the outcome of your work. Clinging on to some expectations makes you focus more on hurdles than the oppurtunities. Let yoga serves you in a way that acknowledge your of belonging of your current physical and mental state, without any judgment -and creates acceptance.


    Every tree is once a seed. Entrepreneurs should always have this ability to realise that growth takes time and progress os made slowly. Yoga help us improve the self patience in an individual as its not only the physical workout but also philosophical. Yoga practice teaches us to appreciate the efforts made without blaming for the pace of the growth.


    While starting a business or startup, everyone faces disruption. Startup is something working on an idea or service that people don’t realise they need it yet or not. Thinking of a future demand is never an easy task.That’s why it is essential to believe in yourself and trust your gut-feeling. Yoga and Meditation helps to train the mental instincts as it clears the mental pressure and negative variables.


    In 2010, According to a study of Boston University, it is said that practising yoga for a few month increases gamma-aminobutyric (GABA) levels in the brain which crucially prevents anxiety and depressions. Also, University of Illinois study states that after a 20 minute yoga session the participants of the brain function tests performed significantly better than after 20 minutes of a vigorous aerobic exercise and the gym workout participants. 20 minutes of yoga in early morning improves cognitive function, memory, and mental focus. Breathing aasans(yoga poses) get rid of stress, and let you find relaxation throughout the day. Spending 20minutes of the day for any entrepreneurs would not be a anti-profit activity perhaps it is the best option to get the extra burst of energy.

As the life gets busier and busier then, our efforts for doing business gets stronger and stronger. Specially for Entrepreneurs this is legitimate who cannot take out the couple of minutes to breath easy and stable their unstable mind which results in the exhaustion of mind and body. It can be mini breakout from your hustling schedule to recline your mind, body and the soul (the immortal part of mankind).

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